Welcome to The Hawai'i Center for Children & Families

Hawaii Center for Children and Families, LLC., (HCCF) is a group psychology practice established in 2009. HCCF was established by two women passionate about enhancing the quality of life for youth and families of Hawaii.

SERVICES offered

Child Therapy Services

Therapy isn't just for adults; at HCCF, we offer a range of child therapy. We work with Keiki from ages 2 to 12 and adolescents ages 13 to 19 with developmental, social/emotional, and behavioral issues.

Family Therapy Services

One of the things that makes HCCF so unique is the amount of support our team members have for each other, so much so that some might consider our community a family. As such, we are passionate about the family services we offer.

Applied Behavioral Services

We have an extraordinary ABA team that is experienced and passionate about what they do. They use systems and processes that are backed by scientific data to treat patients.

Autism Spectrum Services

Autism is quite a complex diagnosis, and sometimes it could be difficult to live with or understand someone who has the diagnosis. Our team of clinicians is equipped to teach you the caretaker, and your diagnosed loved one to navigate the nuances of the disorder.

Adult Therapy Services

Life can sometimes be overwhelming with everything we need to do and be. Sometimes having someone to talk to, to help us sort through it all, could make things so much better. HCCF has on-staff psychiatrists and psychologists trained and licensed to treat various psychological concerns and are ready to help you.

Diagnostic Services & MED Management

Diagnostic testing is suitable for a lot of things. However, on a fundamental level, it helps the patient and the therapists identify specific issues and concerns which might provide insights into treatment. At HCCF, we are proud to offer several diagnostic services to meet the needs of our patients.

Other Services

Join our team of Clinicians

We are looking for licensed behavioral health clinicians, psychologists, and Marriage and Family Therapists who are passionate, eager to learn, reliable, and love working with people.