Welcome to the School Team

The Hawai’i Center for Children and Families offers counseling services at several different private schools across the island of Oahu. Our school teams are made up of mental health, marriage and family counselors, which makes the services provided by these counselors unique in that they have an extended education to that of a school counselor.   

The HCCF school teams consist of licensed clinicians and team members supervised by licensed clinicians. These unlicensed clinicians consist of masters level clinicians, (pre-licensed) interns in training, and graduate student interns from a variety of advanced degree programs.


Director of School - JESSIE MITCHELL, MA, LBA, LMHC

Heading up the school teams is Jessie. Jessie is an experienced mental health and behavioral health analyst with over 30 years of experience. Jessie is a passionate individual who loves helping others learn and be their true selves. 

One unique thing that speaks to Jessie’s passion for people is that she remembers every student she has talked with, seen in her office, or was brought to her attention by one of her clinicians even though she manages several different schools. 


Mid Pacific team members

Mid Pacific Support Animals

Research shows that dogs and cats can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. When on Campus Foster Boy and Lucy draws a large crowd, providing students with a boost of oxytocin in between classes.


Foster Boy


La Pietra team members

Catherine and Rose are essential to the overall school team as they provide support to students both at Mid Pacific Institue and La Pietra Hawai’i School for Girls.